Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swimmers up at Atticus Review

My short story "Swimmers" is now up at Atticus Review. You can read it here.

Below is an introduction to the story written by Katrina Gray:

Mike Hampton’s “Swimmers” speaks to reproductive hope and fear, both bordering on desperation. Alternating points of view, Hampton weaves together several stories, all of which contrast the idea of self with the propagation of self, and what it means to a human identity when fertility and love become incompatible bedfellows. Gender roles shift; quiet lives unravel. Fertility is a business, Hampton reminds us, and those in the business—the nurse who takes your sample, the doctor injecting you with eager cells—have their own desires. What happens when the potential of a new person threatens the people already in a relationship? Some of the characters rhythmically swim through the process, unsure, and some dive in and take the ring. Hampton offers them all grace and patience, easily working through their intimate thoughts on the page.

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