Monday, November 12, 2007

My Reading at The Rud

This past Friday I gave my first reading in a year at The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville. It was a wonderful night.

The venue itself was the perfect setting for intimate art events. The Rudyard Kipling is a small nondescript restaurant and bar in historic downtown Louisville. The performance space upstairs consisted of a large wooden room with an elevated stage surrounded by tables.

Danny Flannigan opened the show, and was wonderful. He was a powerful singer songwriter who shared songs about hope, life, growing older and about his days working on construction sites. Downstairs after his set he confessed that the Rud was one of his top three gigs of the year.

I was invited as part of the InKy Reading Series, and that Friday was dedicated to fiction writers. Stephen George of Louisville's The Leo read first, I read second, and the last author of the night was Brian Leung closed the night.

Stephen shared a short story, and Brian read two prose poems in addition to the short first chapter of his novel "Lost Men." I read three short stories , two of which had originally appeared in The Southeast Review.

Though there weren't as many people there as I had hoped it was a wonderful time and I would like to thank all of you who came to see me.

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misschanelno5 said...

I'm sad I missed this. Do you plan to read again anytime in the forseeable future?